Super Mini USB 2.0 802.11n/g/b 150Mbps Wifi/WLAN Wireless Network Adapter

If you are looking for a USB Wireless Adapter, I’m recommend this EDUP EP-MS150ND 802.11n 150Mbps USB Mini Wireless Adapter

It’s not big, wireless woks fine and is a very usefull product !
you little cousing can use an old notebook over all the house, that’s kinda big!
Works out of the box on many OS (Win 2000, XP, Vista, Ubuntu 10.10) – Windows 7 had to do a bit of soul searching to agree with the drivers 😉
– Excellent antenna. I meant to buy this item for my old macbook with a damaged wireless card. This catches signal even better than the original stock wireless card on macbooks.
– Mac driver is easy to install.
– Small
– Solid
– Superb performance even with 24/7 useage.
– Impressive that this little puppy handles all the major wi-fi bands and not just b/g.
– Easy to install, Windows 7 64bits installed it automatically.
– Runs hot, at the point to shut off after 30min of usage in a 30°C ambient, which I have in my house.
– Shut off with a load of 15mbps or more, probably because of the over heat.
– Small range. I couldn pass 1 wall, the AP must be in the same room.
– The driver cd is a mini-cd so you cannot directly put it on a Mac (because mac’s have slide-in optical drives) but you can get over it by transferring the driver to a flashdisk on a pc with a normal optical drive

Other Thoughts:
You really cannot beat this for the price and sturdiness of product. I have had this thing since June of 2011 and it has run 24/7 in the front port of a PC in my house ever since. The on-board nic had died so I thought what the heck? I’ll try this… well it is still working to this day, I’m using it right now, and I bought another one I take with me at all times for work while testing old units, etc.

The EDUP EP-MS150ND 150M Mini Wireless Adapter lets your computer and laptop to connect WiFi freely,It’s a “must buy”.
Everyone has different experiences with products I guess. Both of the devices I have received are very solid and I even stepped on one of them accidentally and it still works! After having one of them 6 months and the other 5 months I have recommended them to everyone I know and will be buying more anytime I need a USB wi-fi device.

Free shipping and only $9.99

EP-MS150ND Driver Link: Download

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