How to Install an EDUP Wireless LAN PCMCIA Adapter

Many friends have no idear of how to install the Edup Wireless Adapter; The Edup wireless LAN PCMCIA adapter is designed for many laptops using Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP/win 7 and requires a minimum of 64MB of memory, although 128MB will be better. For the older laptops that support only 128MB, the Edup wireless LAN PCMCIA adapter is the best choice. The required drivers are provided on a CD and are available as a download.
Follow the below steps ,and you will find it’s very easy to install the Edup Wireless LAN PCMCIA Adapter
The drivers for the EDUP wireless LAN PCMCIA adapter are provided on a CD, and once you insert it into the CD drive the auto run feature will begin. From the Install window you will make your selections and complete the install.
If the auto run feature on your CD does not work, you can complete the installation for your EDUP wireless LAN PCMCIA adapter by selecting “Run” from your Accessories in Windows XP. Click “Browse” to locate the CD drive, select the drive and click “OK” at the “Run” window. Follow the prompts to install your EDUP adapter.
Another option is to download the necessary drivers and save them to your download folder. Once the download is complete simply locate the file in your download’s folder and double click to begin the install. (See Resources below for the link to purchase and download the driver.)
Installing the EDUP wireless LAN PCMCIA adapter from the “Add Hardware” option in Windows XP is another way to ensure proper installation. Select “Control Panel” from your Start menu, double-click “Add Hardware,” select the device to install and click the “Have Disk” option. In the next window, select “Browse” to locate the CD drive, click on the drive letter, and then “OK.” Click on “Next,” and when the installation is complete click on “Finish.”
Locate the PCMCIA slots on the left side of your laptop. Push the small button and the holder pops out. Insert your card and follow the prompts to configure your LAN connections with your server.

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